2022 Happiness Retreat IN THE WORKS!!! 

Dare I say it??? YES, AND it’s gonna be rad!  Get ready to travel again, and save some time next August for the rebirth of our Happiness Retreats as our new JOYFUL JOURNEYS! August 2022. Get on the waitlist!

2020-2021 Happiness Retreat – COVID-19 Postponement!

Well, again LIFE had different plans, good thing as Funny Yogis we practice the motto: “Forget the plan…stick to the rules!”

2019 Happiness Retreat – Pregnancy Postponement!

Last year (2018) we had an AMAZING kick off to our Happiness Retreats in the land of the happy people – Norway!

I was geared up for another adventure this fall, but life had different plans for me and my adventure now will be becoming a Mother! YAY exciting…although that means for those of you on the wait list for this year’s retreat, I will now be placing you on the wait list for our 2020 JOYFUL JOURNEY!

Norway Happiness Retreat 2018

2018 Happiness Retreat Highlights

What is a Happiness Retreat?!?! I developed this retreat after studying Joy and the Norwegian Culture for the past 10 years, ever since I was on that Reality TV Show in Norway (oh yea that happened, if you want to know more, message me!)

Happiness Retreat in a nutshellWe practiced the 5 elements of Joy while studying the Norwegian Culture and what makes them so darn happy year after year! Hint: it’s not their wealth or their government programs…it’s something much deeper. Rooted in history and culture which YOU can use to guide your life back home on a daily basis!

Practicing The 5 Elements of Joy:

1) Connecting to Nature – Umm can you say Fjords! Here is a picture of our 2nd day at the beautiful Geiranger Fjord!  This is #1 on Lonely Planet’s Top Places to see in Norway and let me tell you pictures don’t do it justice, it is breathtaking.  Why is it so special, well for one that is ocean water you are looking at and we are about 40 miles inland from the Norwegian SEA!!!

Geiragner Fjord


2) Physical Exercise – Queue Yoga, Hiking, and more Hiking!  Those Norwegians really do know how to get physical.  Here we are in Lillehammer practicing some Hatha yoga outdoors with Norwegians at the 1994 Olympic Ski Jump – Can you see the Olympic Torch in the background??? Do you remember in 1994 they started the games by lighting the torch with a SKI JUMPER bringing the flame!  If not here’s the awesome video.

Lillehammer Ski Jump Yoga


3) Mindful Practices – Hello Laughter Yoga, Meditations, Yoga Nidras and more!  Sadly no pictures of those activities as I was either leading them or you know we were deep in mindful connection so who wants to bring a camera out then!  But here is a fun pic of some of our ladies being silly in public and doing twisted warrior in Vigeland Park near Oslo.  It is this AMAZING sculpture garden with hundreds of sculptures…oh did I mention they are all naked? 🙂

Vigeland Park Yoga


4) Giving Back – This might be my favorite joy practice, because it not only brings you joy, but it brings others joy as well!  We had not one but TWO days of service: We hosted a Free Community Yoga Class one day, led by one of our fabulous Happiness Retreat Guests the Lovely Miss Kerry herself; and, then we also did some rough and tough manual Norwegian labor by clearing off a cliff side for a soon to be Norwegian National Historic Landmark! It all felt sooooooo good!

Day or Service


5) Meaningful Relationships – You better believe we be bonded on this trip! Whether it was road tripping across the beautiful Norwegian countryside together, or staying in our Lillehammer Cabin like a family, eating every meal together, or hiking and chatting along the way, we all learned so much from each other and really connected to humans on this trip – Thank goodness for roaming fees right??  BYE BYE Phones! Hello Real Connection!

Log Cabin Dinner


So if you’re interested in joining us next time please sign up for the 2020 Joyful Journey Wait List.

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