Toddler Yoga Classes

Toddler Yoga Classes

The Funny Yogi is joyful to share her latest program: The Funny Mommy! Mommy & Tot yoga classes opening this Fall!...

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The Funny Yogi


What can The Funny Yogi do for YOUR event? Jessica Brustad, AKA The Funny Yogi, is a Motivational Speaker who not...

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Education at PLAY Workshop


Laughter WorkPLAYshops What will a Laughter Playshop be like? Sounds Weird?! Will I have fun? Each Laughter Yoga Leader brings...

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How The Funny Yogi Can Help You?

My focus is on Joy and Play; bringing back Child-Like Fulfillment to adults everywhere. Instead of focusing on the stresses in your life, I re-focus on fun - changing how your brain prioritizes everything that comes your way. I am THE Funny Yogi, helping you become THE person you want...

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So what’s this all about? Comedy and Yoga? Bizarre Combo!

After a decade in the grown up corporate world, I realized I was spending all of my time and money to pursue things that brought me joy. Playing with my improv troupe, writing jokes; moving my body in yoga, LOL’ing with my laughter yoga club!

At first they seemed like such random interests, but one day I was watching kids play at recess and I realized, that’s what I’m trying to do. I am hungry for recess!  I want to move my body, I want to laugh, I want to play pretend with my friends, I want to connect with people face to face, not through Facebook… I want Recess for Grown Ups!

And that’s where this idea started for The Funny Yogi.  I am passionate about bringing joy and child-like fulfillment back to Adults.

Laughter Yoga is a transformative and cathardic practice that will help you not only be happier, healthier, and generally a nicer person; but will allow you to reconnect with your child-like energy and playfulness.

I am now a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Come check out a meetup or join me for an in depth workshop and learn how to be a kid again!

What people are saying about The Funny Yogi!

“An unparalleled amount of energy and enthusiasm to our national conference”

“Jessica Brustad brought an unparalleled amount of energy and enthusiasm to our national conference.  Her speaking style is wildly entertaining, authentic and relatable, and her content was brilliantly insightful and unique.  Attendees came away from her lecture feeling empowered and armed with some fantastic team-building and leadership tools.  Jessica is a shining star on and off the stage and engages an audience like only a truly exceptional speaker can!”

Megan Nakanishi - Director of Operations
Nakanishi Dental Laboratory, Inc.

“I can’t wait to take another class with her!”

“There are several reasons why I think Jessica is great and why I think others would be interested in trying a class with her. 1. She listens! She asked me about what type of experience I was looking for and then customized the lesson for me. 2. She’s real! I really had no idea what I was doing. That didn’t stop Jessica from giving me a great experience. She didn’t make me feel silly for not knowing where to put my feet or how to position my body. She made me feel 100% comfortable in my own skin. He own confidence in her skill translated to me and made me feel confident and safe. 3. She’s fun! Jessica ensured that my experience was fun. Her personality and her heart totally came through during the class. She is truly invested in making sure everyone has a good experience and whether that means adjusting your body, adapting the session to meet your needs, or helping you dig deep within yourself she is there for you. I can’t wait to take another class with her!”

Lorraine Ryglewicz
Triathlete and New Yoga Student

“THE absolute BEST Training and Inspiring presentation ever…”

“THE absolute BEST Training and Inspiring presentation ever!!! You absolutely MUST take advantage of any opportunity to see her!” 

Julianna Antill Giordano Broker/Owner Realtor
International Palms Realty, Inc.

“She has an incredible ability to quickly bring a group together and she brings a joyous authenticity”

“I began to laugh with Jessica almost three years ago, and I feel so honored every opportunity I get to share the experience of laughter with her and everyone she teaches. She has an incredible ability to quickly bring a group together and she brings a joyous authenticity to the silliness of many life events. She has created a space for us to act like kids again, with spontaneity, big laughs, and an openness to taking challenges in life a little less seriously. I have particularly enjoyed her focus on improv because it has provided more opportunities for the whole group to take leadership at times too. Each time I finish one of her classes I feel a sense of love, contentment, and connection. Thank you so much.”

Jordan Ewing
Laughter Yoga Student & Laughter Yoga Leader

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