Laughter WorkPLAYshops

What will a Laughter Playshop be like? Sounds Weird?! Will I have fun?

Each Laughter Yoga Leader brings their own unique background of experience to the practice.  Some are dance based, music based, etc.  The Funny Yogi brings her Improv background into Laughter Classes and Workshops to help students:

  • Connect to the present moment.
  • Explore their creativity in new ways.
  • Break down walls, increase vulnerability, and develop trust!
  • Form a group mind that connects & bonds initial strangers or struggling teammates into close friends almost instantly!


Check out the video below for what you can expect at one of The Funny Yogi’s Laughter Workshops… wait did I say work, I mean PLAY-shops!

The Funny Yogi’s Laughter Playshops are designed to help guide you on your own path to wellness and joy.  These in-depth sessions are great for those of us dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Agoraphobia, or anything else this over scheduled/over-committed life can throw at us.

The Funny Yogi’s Laughter Playshops use a combination of positive psychology principles, laughter yoga, improv and cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to help you identify the most critical issues facing you right now and provide tools with how to navigate towards more daily joy!

Improv Healing Playshops

What will a Improv Healing Playshop be like? Sounds Weird?! Will I have fun?


This is not only the answer to the question above, but also the first rule of Improv!  Yes you will have fun, its almost impossible to walk away from improv without a laugh or two.

In this playshop The Funny Yogi leads participants through the rules of Improv and shows them how to relate these concepts  back into their daily lives.  The motto here is “forget the plan, and stick to the rules!”  We all know plans go haywire, life gets in the way, and soon we become overwhelmed or disappointed.  Throughout the workshop we will perform different Improv and cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to practice these “rules” which will help with everything from stress management to inviting more playfulness to our adult lives!

If you’ve done too much adulting lately, why not give a Improv Healing Playshop a try?  Please note this is not a playshop for those who are looking to be the next SNL star or even become a better Improviser.  This playshop is for anyone who is looking for a new approach to dealing with every day issues, work stressors, relationships, and increase personal growth. No previous Improv experience necessary.

WorkPLAYshop Schedule:

2021 Schedule coming soon. For private events at your office contact me here.