VLOGs Have Taken Over…

Flawsome Laughter

That’s right, I have gone to the dark side…or let’s call it the bright side since I had to buy lighting equipment to do this! Yes I have moved away from traditional blogging and now my blog will be a Video Log! You can keep up to date on all of my vlogs on “The Playground” AKA my YouTube Channel

Be sure to come play with me each Wednesday for one minute of JOY!  I will be posting a new one minute video each Wednesday so we can practice laughter and joy together no matter where you live. Remember to hit Subscribe on my channel so you can be notified the moment the joy hits the inter webs!

That’s it for now, check out my first minute of JOY on Flawsome Laughter!

PS these will also be posted to my Instagram and Facebook page each Wednesday so if you’re not following me already what are you waiting for?  Follow me @thefunnyyogi