Joy Actually

While visiting London this week I think they got one of my all time fav RomCom’s wrong…If you look for it JOY Actually is all around you. Joy Actually should have been the name of that classic every girl my age beloved Hugh Grant British Romantic Comedy of the early 2000’s instead of Love Actually.

Now I’m not one to discount love’s presence, and don’t get me wrong I do feel it is all around, but more so than love, I see joy is really the most attainable emotion accessible to anyone anywhere over love.

Love might not be everywhere but joy is. Joy is a controllable gettable attainable thing anywhere if you choose it.  Now that’s the secret you have to choose it! You might happen upon someone else’s love, you may catch glimpses here or there and they may warm your heart, but joy is creatable even in the presence of no one! And it really is all around.

You might only see a thrown away napkin on some city street by the river (cut to my experience yesterday walking along the Thames River in South Bank), but you could turn it into an airplane.

I then saw Bubbles for the children – a street vendor was making these magnificent bubbles through a mechanism of ropes and sticks into the air and the kids were eating it up, and a few joyful adults too – walking by choosing to play and pop one that was too high for the kids!

I then happened upon a free modern art museum  – The Tate.  Before I entered a beautifully painfull love song was being performed by a street performer with lyrics: “Im the farthest thing from perfect, just like every man I’ve ever known.”

And it was gorgeous. A sad song but his talent brought me so much joy!  You see that’s the thing, you get to choose joy even if strangers aren’t choosing love. Joy is a choice and can also be created by your mind instantly anywhere in the way you choose…to hear talent in pain, to find gratitude in a free museum on a random stroll, or to see fun shapes in the clouds instead of just seeing that it’s cloudy on your holiday. Joy actually is everywhere!

The smell of warm candied nuts roams the streets…as I walked along the Thames river and to the Old Globe Shakespeare theatre I felt my mother here with me.

I felt both of my parents here, in the world of the theatre. How blessed was I for the childhood I had. My dad working in theatre to theatre and my exposure to fine art at such a young age.  The gratitude and joy just kept coming to me in every experience I had.

And the best part of this entire day was…I found all of this while walking down the jubilee walkway! A trail of joy! And I didn’t even know that’s what this pathway was called, but damn it was appropriate.  So yea, London I gotta say you’ve reaffirmed my idea that Joy Actually is everywhere!

Cheers London!

Now off to Sweden!