Norway Happiness Retreat

September 1st – September 9th, 2018

This year we are going to Norge!  Don’t practice yoga? Don’t know Norwegian?  Don’t like Fish?  No worries this retreat is for you!  It’s not a Yoga Retreat, it’s a Happiness Retreat!

What’s a Happiness Retreat?  I dunno I made it up! 🙂  KIDDING… but also not.  I developed this retreat after studying Joy and the Norwegian Culture for the past 6 years, ever since I was on that Reality TV Show in Norway (oh yea that happened, if you want to know more, message me about it!)

Happiness Retreat in a nutshell: We’ll not only practice the 5 elements of Joy but we’ll also study the Norwegian Culture and what makes them so darn happy year after year.

The 5 Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Heart! – no I’m kidding this isn’t Captain Planet, its for realz) of Joy:

1) Connecting to Nature – Umm can you say Fjords!

2) Physical Exercise – Queue Yoga, Hiking, etc

3) Mindful Practices – Hello Laughter Yoga, Meditations, Yoga Nidras, etc

4) Giving Back – Say whaaaaat?  Oh yea, we got a day of service planned on our final day of the retreat!

5) Meaningful Relationships – You better believe we be bonding on this trip!

So what are you waiting for? Come join our tribe this Fall!

Sep 01, 2018

Welcome to Norway – Oslo City Tour & More!

  • We’ll meet up in Oslo and kick off our retreat right with a Traditional Scandinavian Welcome Dinner

  • Accommodations provided at Thon Munch Hotel for 2 nights.

  • Walking Tour of Oslo – Sunday Sept 2nd

  • Dinners & Breakfasts included.

  • Optional Oslo Night Out

Sep 03, 2018

Lillehammer Leg of our Happiness Journey

  • Arrive in Telemarkstunet and Fall in Love with Fairy Tale Norway

  • After a beautiful morning train ride from Oslo to Lillehammer we will head up the famous 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Ski Jump to our Accommodations at the Fairy Tale Telemarkstunet.

  • 3 nights at Telemarkstunet Accommodation included.

  • Morning Hatha Yoga Classes & Meditation

  • Guided Hiking Tours

  • Laughter Yoga Session

  • Breakfast & Dinners included

Sep 06, 2018

To the Fjords We Go!

  • Geiranger Fjord Spa Get-Away

  • An overnight trip to the famous Geiranger Fjord.  Home of the Seven Sisters Waterfall and luxurious Hotels and Spas.

  • One night accommodation at Hotel Union Geiranger

  • Breakfast & Dinner included

  • Morning Hike & Walking Meditation

  • Spa treatments not included

Sep 07, 2018

Closing Ceremonies – Lillehammer

  • A Day to Give Thanks & Give Back

  • Upon return from our relaxing trip to the Fjords, we will plan for our day of Community Service in Lillehammer

  • Dinner & Movie Night inside the famous Indoor Bonfire/Movie Room at Telemarkstunet

  • Dinner & Breakfast included

Sep 09, 2018

Return to Oslo

  • Scenic Train ride back to the Tiger City

  • Extend your stay in Norway or Fly home Happier and Healthier!

Payment Details:

$1950 Early Bird Special (valid thru 3/15/2018)

$2,250 Standard Price (valid 3/15/2018 – 6/15/2018)

$2,500 Late Registration (valid 6/15/2018 – 8/15/2018)

$500 Deposit saves your spot in this VERY exclusive experience

(8 participant maximum)

Please contact me to reserve your spot today!