Do People Still Blog?

I’m not sure… but I hear they do. I definitely don’t do this pose anymore, so why not try blogging? 🙂

Ten years ago when I started my first blog “Happy Tummy” I used to really enjoy both the cathartic and connective elements of blogging. I’m excited to re-engage this practice with you all.  My first blog was about mindfulness, yoga, and baking.  All things that brought me joy.  This blog will be less limiting and more simplistic.  It will encompass all things that bring joy!  Both to myself and others I meet along my path.

Momentary joy seems frivolous to most, unimportant, childish, selfish.  But momentary joy is the key to lasting Happiness.  It is connecting to happiness in the present moment.  It is being vulnerable enough to allow joy into your life, without fear of loss, or the “hangover” effects of coming down from joy.  The best way I can explain that is through what I like to call the “vacation hangover” effect.  That feeling after you come home from a great vacation, and experience the mundane-ness of every day life again.  Doing the dishes, driving to work…WORK, etc.

So many are afraid to connect to joy because they know it’s fleeting.  But that’s the point, joy should be fleeting.  It’s not contentment, or happiness, its JOY!  Allowing joy into your life doesn’t have to mean letting in let downs or drops in happiness or energy. It’s in the practice of multiple little moments of joy, here, there, again, and again, that lead to a more happier, more fulfilled, more present existence.

If I haven’t sold you by now, my hope is this monthly blog will.  Join me and let’s see what Joy can really do!

My social media campaign which I launched New Year’s Day 2018 is all about helping others connect and commit to their joy on a daily basis.  If you aren’t a part of our movement already, please join us @TheFunnyYogi or our my Hashtag #CommitToJoy so we can see and learn from your sources of Joy!

In Laughter,