What can The Funny Yogi do for YOUR event?

Jessica Brustad, AKA The Funny Yogi, is a Motivational Speaker who not only educates but entertains your audience.  Jessica is an Improv & Stand-Up Comedian, Yoga Instructor, and Laughter Yoga Leader.  Yup, you heard right she teaches people how to Laugh!  She is passionate about bringing joy and child-like fulfillment back to adults.  Comedy & Laughter Yoga have served as perfect vehicles to do just that.

A former member of The National Comedy Theatre (2013-2018) and Laughter Yoga Leader since 2015, Jessica is ready to not only take your stage by storm but get off the stage and down into the rows of participants performing impromptu Improv & Laughter exercises. Her unique style of high energy mixed with mindfulness practices are sure to entertain, educate, and motivate your group on their path to wellness, balance, and most of all Joy!

See For Yourself – The Funny Yogi In Action

Check out what amazing sports they have in the Dental Industry. Jessica relates The Rules of Improv to Navigating Technology & Change in Business.  The game she’s playing with her Audience Volunteer is called Fresh Choice and it is a great way to practice how to adapt to change.

Book The Funny Yogi for your next Conference, Seminar or Retreat:

If you need an Ice Breaker, Team Building event or a great way to Inspire your Company to a healthier change in perspective, book The Funny Yogi.

At the very least, it’ll be a funny break in the monotony of spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks.

Whether you need a breakout session to add some funny to a long day or a Keynote to inspire and motivate your team, The Funny Yogi is the breathe of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

If you are interested in booking your next Seminar or Retreat with the Funny Yogi please contact me below.