Google, Kirkland, WA Campus – 2017

Engineering Summit – The Funny Yogi led 50 Google Engineers through a team building 90 minute Ice Breaker to kick off their 2017 Engineering Summit.  The Ice Breaker helped connect two Engineering teams from their Germany and Mountain View, CA Campuses.




NADL, Las Vegas, NV Palms Casino  – 2018

The Funny Yogi led 300+ Dental Laboratory Leaders at their National Conference through their General Session on Bridging Change.  Relating the Rules of Improv to the Rules of Business and Leadership.  Participants got to experience and participate in Improv exercises to help them go back home and lead change in their organizations.




FSAE, Fort Lauderdale, FL – July 2018

The Funny Yogi spoke at the Florida Society of Association Executives Annual Conference.  The break out session focused  on Improv Techniques to Decrease Stress in an Un-Funny World leaving Association Managers with tangible and accessible techniques that can help decrease stress in both their personal and professional lives.






Florida Realtors®, Orlando, FL – Oct 23, 2018

The Funny Yogi  kicked off their 2018 Education Director Instructor Fall Workshop. This event was extra special as it was with a smaller more intimate group of Educators who not only learned new techniques to engage and educate their teams, but also these hard working Educators got to receive some well deserved stress relief, fun and relaxation.  Intimate settings are great for The Funny Yogi to really dive in and PLAY!





Florida Dental Laboratory Association, Orlando, FL – May 10th, 2019

The Funny Yogi is scheduled to kick off the Florida Dental Laboratory Association’s Annual Conference with her Opening Keynote Speech on Managing Change.  When your business or Industry changes, how can you meet that uncertainty with a plan?  Well, her motto is, “Forget the Plan.  Stick to the Rules!”  She can’t wait to walk this group through her 3 simple rules to dealing with change and coming out on top!




Tahoe Spark – North Tahoe Events Center, Kings Beach, CA – May 18th, 2019

This one is exciting!  Refresh, restore and stoke your inner fire. The Funny Yogi will lead a Laughter Yoga Workshop to kick off this illuminating retreat in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA.  Join us for a weekend of energy healing, inspirational speakers, meditation, yoga, and interactive, hands-on creativity. Come away with renewed vigor, focused clarity, and an illuminated spirit — ready to shine your bright, sparkly light in the world!






Florida Realtors®, Orlando, FL – August 21st, 2019

The Funny Yogi is stoked to come back to speak again for the Florida Realtors Association this time at their Annual Celebration Conference! Her talk entitled: “Be a ‘First Avenger’ – Improv Techniques to Manage Technology Changes in Real Estate” is sure to grab your attention and help audience members tap into their own SUPER HUMAN powers!




The Pankey Institute, Key Biscane, FL – September 14th, 2019

The Funny Yogi will be speaking at The Pankey Institute’s Annual Conference with her Closing Keynote Speech on PLAY!  Closing out a multi day conference can be a challenge, with tired participants and over-full brains…but not to fear, The Funny Yogi is here! Her energy and use of PLAY helps transform zoned out participants into  inspired improvisers! Yup that’s right in this keynote EVERYONE will actually get up and play! The Funny Yogi can’t wait  liven up the group and motivate them to go home ready to make positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

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