VLOGs Have Taken Over…

Flawsome Laughter

That’s right, I have gone to the dark side…or let’s call it the bright side since I had to buy lighting equipment to do this! Yes I have moved away from traditional blogging and now my blog will be a Video Log! You can keep up to date on all of my vlogs on “The […]

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A Marry Poppins New Year

Mary Poppins Returns

I saw Mary Poppins Returns on New Year’s Day to make my soon to be niece happy…what happened next I never would have imagined… Her Mother, Auntie, and I all had a girl’s date planned with her and it just so happened that New Year’s Day was the day it all worked out for our […]

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Joy Actually

While visiting London this week I think they got one of my all time fav RomCom’s wrong…If you look for it JOY Actually is all around you. Joy Actually should have been the name of that classic every girl my age beloved Hugh Grant British Romantic Comedy of the early 2000’s instead of Love Actually. Now I’m not […]

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Do People Still Blog?

I’m not sure… but I hear they do. I definitely don’t do this pose anymore, so why not try blogging? 🙂 Ten years ago when I started my first blog “Happy Tummy” I used to really enjoy both the cathartic and connective elements of blogging. I’m excited to re-engage this practice with you all.  My […]

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