So what’s this all about? Comedy and Yoga?  Bizarre Combo!

After a decade in the grown up corporate world, I realized I was spending all of my time and money to pursue things that brought me joy. Playing with my improv troupe, writing jokes, moving my body in yoga, LOL’ing with my laughter yoga club!

At first they seemed like such random interests, but one day I was watching kids play at recess and I realized, that’s what I’m trying to do. I am hungry for recess!  I want to move my body, I want to laugh, I want to play pretend with my friends, I want to connect with people face to face, not through Facebook… I want Recess for Grown Ups!

And that’s where this idea started for The Funny Yogi.  I am passionate about bringing joy and child-like fulfillment back to Adults.

 Laughter Yoga is a transformative and cathardic practice that will help you not only be happier, healthier, and generally a nicer person; but will allow you to reconnect with your child-like energy and playfulness.

I am now a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Come check out a meetup or join me for an in depth workshop and learn how to be a kid again!

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