A Marry Poppins New Year

Mary Poppins Returns

I saw Mary Poppins Returns on New Year’s Day to make my soon to be niece happy…what happened next I never would have imagined…

Her Mother, Auntie, and I all had a girl’s date planned with her and it just so happened that New Year’s Day was the day it all worked out for our schedules…and WOW am I glad it did. If you can believe it, a Disney movie set the course for me for all of 2019!

I had no idea this seemingly small event would direct my entire year.  Now of course I figured it would spark my Joy practice for the day, (I mean c’mon it’s Marry Friggin Poppins, how is she not going to illicit joy???  I sing songs from the original movie ALL of the time in my Laughter Yoga classes), but I have to say I was NOT expecting to be so inspired.

So, what did it inspire so grand that my entire year has been Turned Turtle? (watch the movie and you’ll get the reference!) It showed me just how far I’ve strayed from my imagination.

And here’s the interesting thing I noticed about myself after my year of committing to joy…this thought didn’t make me sad or upset, or disappointed in myself…it was the opposite.  I 100% saw this as an opportunity to bring more imagination and wonder into my life and it made me JOYFUL!

That may seem small, but if you think about it, it’s really not.  It’s life changing.  So many of us focus on the negative, especially when we’ve had a self-realization thought that criticizes how we’ve been living our lives…it takes a complete perspective change to see set backs as opportunities.  This is what committing to joy for the past year has been all about.  It’s brought me this perspective. BOOM!

This is what I speak about when leading companies through my 3 Rules of Improv for Change Management…And Gals and Guys, I WAS PRACTICING IT…in the flesh…Not just speaking about it!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works.  And no, that doesn’t just mean going to a CBT Therapist. This approach to PRACTICING new thoughts again and again to CHANGE the way your mind works permanently is not a bunch of woo woo, it works.  This New Year’s Day was again another proof in the pudding moment for me.  Proof that it does work and that a practice I put into place years ago is still guiding my life.

“WOW, wrong turn here Jess, where did you go here? You were talking about Disney & Marry Poppins and then BAM you start talking about Psychology stuff?!?!”

Yea…that’s right, I am.  Because Marry Poppins both the OG and the new version are both movies that are speaking to the benefits of Positive Psychology.  The concept that thoughts BECOME things, and changing your thoughts to the positive can completely change your reality. That we have to practice thoughts and emotions, instead of becoming victim to them.

This movie and the thought that happened in my head towards the end of the movie really embodied what my post-panic life has been all about: Practice, Play, and Positivity!

1) Practice: CBT, Yoga, Meditation!

2) Play: Improv, Laughter Yoga!

3) Positivity: Positive Psychology, Manifesting, CBT, Improv – YES AND…all of the above and more!

These 3 concepts have changed my life over the past 8 years and continue to enrich it.  8 years ago when I was on disability from debilitating panic disorder and approaching agoraphobia I NEVER thought this stuff would work.  I remember doing the exercises thinking, I’m going to have to do these forever and I’m never just going to “think” this way naturally! WOW was I wrong!?!

These 3 concepts are what I speak about at Conferences and Trade Shows, they are what my workshops and classes are all about.  They are The Funny Yogi.  It is my dream, goal, and purpose to help others find, connect, and live these 3 in their daily lives.

I’m so grateful for these 3 guiding lights in my life, and on New Year’s Day 2019 I was grateful for Mary Poppins too.  She took me to a new level this year…she inspired me to use my imagination more… Wonder More and Worry Less.  That’s my 2019 Resolution/Motto/Goal/Whatever you want to call it!  And so with encouragement to wonder more, I feel like, now more than ever, I will be set up to help guide you through Practice, Play and Positivity!

As we age we tend to “grow up” somewhere along the way and that means more thinking and less believing. It means more worry and less wonder. And sadly it can mean:

Less practicing and more making sure I don’t look stupid.

Less playing and more working

Less positivity & optimisim and more fear & doubt.

Mary Poppins Returns reminds us adults that we need to flip the script.  She teaches us grown ups, (even more than the children), to start practicing without fear of failing, to play more, to be FULL of wonder! The best line of the movie for me was at the end…

“I never thought I’d feel this much joy and wonder again.  I thought that door was closed to me forever.” – Michael Banks

I won’t spoil the movie, as you really should go and see it, but this made the magic in my mind!

So I wonder…What if YOU opened the door to not only JOY but WONDER this year too?!?! Oh I can’t wait to see what dreams will come true for us all.

I’m still committing to joy,  but this year adding to #bewonderfull

If you want to join me please post with this hashtag on social media, comment below, or direct message me.  Commit to joining me for a workshop or come see me speak…nothing happening in your area?  Message me and let’s make something happen.  Together we can imagine anything and make it all happen too!

Happy New Year,